Purely Poultry As An Entrepreneurial Venture

There are many motivations for operating a business. One of the most important for Tyler Danke is the possibility of becoming a source of gainful employment through running a successful business. Currently, Purely Poultry employs Tyler. However, the company also works with several other small businesses, providing economic stimulus in a viable, sustainable manner.

By utilizing the services of independent hatcheries and small farmers, Purely Poultry can feel confident about the products we offer and about being able to help small business owners command higher prices for their stock than they could on their own. Through helping to increase sales at some larger supply companies, Purely Poultry contributes to the need for those companies to hire more employees.

Choosing to work with a husband and wife web development team gives Purely Poultry a little more flexibility and creative freedom than a larger agency would be likely to provide, and again, helps support another small business.

To help make sure customers have an outstanding experience every time they contact Purely Poultry, a small rural start up call center helps to make sure calls are answered 5 AM to 10 PM Central Time.

Tyler has recently also added a bookkeeper to the Purely Poultry team. Anne, Tyler’s next door neighbor, is now helping to keep the accounting up to date and accurate. This allows Tyler to focus on serving his customers and adds her expertise and insight into the business.

While Tyler is the only official full time employee of Purely Poultry for the time being, this small company is already making headway toward expanding employment opportunities.

Purely Poultry has been successful in promoting sales, communication and education through the strategic use of social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook in particular provides a way for customers to ask questions, participate in discussions and provide direct feedback about the company.

Along with an active presence on select social media sites, we use a system for shipping dates that is both easy and convenient for our customers on our web site. The Purely Poultry site is analyzed constantly with the needs of customers always of foremost concern. It is never really “finished” as we find small ways to tweak operations and make using the site an easy, pleasurable experience.

Since Purely Poultry is mainly an online business, it is essential for the company to be visible in multiple online outlets. Tyler participates in online forums, answering questions and serving as a resource for people interested in learning about raising poultry.
In both an effort to promote Purely Poultry and to spur interest in raising chickens, Tyler also attends local 4H meetings to talk to younger people about his company. If more young people become interested in raising poultry for meat and eggs, many goals of Purely Poultry will be met through the natural growth of an outstanding company.

Purely Poultry serves as a valuable resource for people who want to learn more about raising fowl for food, or as pets.

With steadily increasing sales and a rapidly growing community, Purely Poultry shows no signs of slowing in the near future. Careful planning and attention to market trends will help insure this young company continues to thrive and grow well into the future, serving an important niche in the marketplace.