Purely Poultry Celebrates 12 YEARS!

 As I write this, it’s a warm January day here in Wisconsin at 37 degrees. My ducks are happily swimming in their pond out back, which appears so odd against a white background due to the blanket of snow that had thickened to 7 inches already before today’s thaw.  With the holiday season behind us, we at Purely Poultry are readying ourselves for what is our 12th, and sure to be the best, season yet!

If you’ve been around for any number of these years, you know that we’ve learned some things and made plenty of changes over those years.  From quality to guarantee, we’ve improved everything and are constantly working to improve more! 

One thing we’ve added as a result of our experiences is pre-sales of Spring-delivered birds!  That’s right, you can buy your Spring birds now and get them when they hatch in warmer weather. A nice little bonus of this is that I was able to purchase my husband’s Christmas gift by purchasing ducklings that won’t hatch until spring.  I wrapped a brooder light and some brooder supplies under the tree and attached a card with a “Hatch Certificate” enclosed. (Yep, we provide that, too)  Of course, he loved it because he loves nothing more than adding ducks to his beloved flock so it took the stress out of getting him “just the thing”, that’s for sure.   It’s not just ducks, though.  You can ear-mark your Ringneck Pheasants, Broad Breasted White Turkey, or even the ever-popular, Black Copper Marans the next time you log in.

Speaking of Marans, we’ve also learned that our customers love their dark egg layers!  What better way to mix up those eggs for sale or display them on the counter? Purely Poultry is meeting this demand by offering a brand new breed this year called the Chocolate Egger!  These dark-colored beauties will lay eggs as dark as a Black Copper Maran with even better production rates!  I can’t wait for these girls to start hatching this Spring.. sorry, folks, they won’t be available to order for another month or so, giving us a chance to count our eggs before they hatch.

raising free range chickens in your yard

After a lifetime of passion for poultry and 11 years in business, we have a little experience to share, too!  Probably the best thing we’ve learned in all of our years is that sharing is caring.  Cliche, I know, but the staff here at Purely Poultry has whittled down into a small bunch of mid-western folks who genuinely care that the little lives we ship every day are as long and prosperous as they can be. Any given day, you’ll find our customer service team sharing tidbits we’ve learned or researching new topics, to ensure successful flocks. We want our customers to trust in the fact that we care.  We want you to relax and have a genuinely enjoyable experience knowing that YOU can simply call, email, or drop a Facebook message should the need arise and we will go above and beyond to help.

Sharing truly is caring and we mean to be examples of that. We can’t even wait for you to ask… we have awesome resources options on our home page where you can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find information on raising baby birds, incubating hatching eggs, sexing geese, or even define a word you’ve seen and aren’t familiar with in the glossary found there. We publish blog posts with fun and informative topics, and email newsletters to anyone who subscribes (scroll to the bottom of our home page),  keeping you abreast of featured or seasonal birds, specials and sales, and current news in the poultry world.

When it comes to information, we learn every day, too. We like to offer books that we love and trust are good sources of reliable information.  We read lots of books around here, so if you have a suggestion, please do comment below and we’ll hunt it down and read it, too!  Knowledge is power, just like they say, we learned that many seasons ago. We don’t stop at poultry, either. We read books that improve our lives, our skills, and our productivity as well.  We attend seminars, classes, and meetings. We even present our own whenever the chance arises.  Yep, I think the hunger to learn these topics is likely more proof that we just honestly care.  No worries, we won’t keep the good stuff we learn to ourselves. It will show up in a newsletter or a conversation down the line, no doubt.

Free range hen taking a closer look at the snow

Well, the tea kettle is whistling so I will wrap up this rather long entry by saying that as 2019 winds up with its first few days, Purely Poultry wants to Thank all of our wonderful customers, readers, followers, and visitors.  We are so very happy to share our passion with all of the wonderful people that not only are reading this, but also have read our newsletter, purchased their beloved birds and supplies from us, subscribed to our social media pages, or just browsed our website.   Happy 2019 to each and every one of you, we can’t wait to work with YOU again!  What are you adding to your flock this year?