Purely Poultry Celebrates Legalized Chicken Keeping in Fremont, WI

The home base of Purely Poultry is in the beautiful town of Fremont, Wisconsin. But sadly the owners of Purely Poultry were not able to keep chickens in their town…

Until now!

In December, the village board met and repealed the code that disallowed residents to own chickens.

There are, understandably, some rules that will need to be followed by chicken owners in Fremont. For example, the maximum numbers of chickens that a family can own is 4. Roosters are not allowed. Chickens must have an adequate shelter with a minimum of 3 square feet per hen. Chickens must also be kept in a fenced in area with 5 square feet each. The coops and pens will also need to be kept back from property lines and neighbors’ houses. There is an annual $25 permit required.

That may seem like a lot of rules especially to people who are living in more rural areas with no chicken laws, but this is a great big step in the right direction for urban and suburban towns. There are so many people who desperately want to keep chickens, but are not allowed to.

But there is a chicken-keeping movement afoot! We are hearing of more and more towns and villages changing from their strict no-chicken policies to allowing chickens and poultry. If you are living in a town where chickens are illegal, take Fremont to heart and see if you can start the process toward change. It is worth the effort to bring it up to your town or village board and see if you can be a part of legalizing chickens!