Purely Poultry is the place YOU NEED to buy your Birds and Supplies!

The Purely Poultry team is well aware that you have options. We know that several places offer the chicks you are looking for, or the supplies you want, or even great service.  So why should you choose to work with our small company?  Well, the answer is simple.  Purely Poultry cares. We do!  For a plethora of reasons, your birds, your order, and your experience really does matter to us!

Purely is a super small company that is staffed with flock owners that share your experiences.  We may not have all the knowledge but we are just as interested in finding the right answer as you are.  We know what it’s like to lose a bird, wonder how to brood a duck, or want advice on the best way to integrate a flock.

Because we know that you have a choice, we want to thank you for choosing Purely Poultry and introduce you to our staff, our history, and our company culture. We don’t just want your business, we want your trust and we mean to earn it and earn it, we will!

Here’s what makes us tick:

Collaborative and Agile.  Although it may sound cliche, the only thing constant at Purely is change. We are always looking for new technology, processes, and procedures.  We implement ideas, suggestions, and new tools every week, if not every day, and Holocracy management keeps us all on our toes.  We actively engage in healthy conflict daily and even want team members to disagree, sometimes even passionately. We do, however, come to a single specific agreement with a commitment to follow. We encourage questioning the status quo as this encourages improvement and we all know that improvement is the key to keeping up with the ever-changing e-commerce business.  We work by resolving tensions in every meeting every week at Purely Poultry and tension around here is a great thing!  It’s simply an opportunity felt by a team member to improve practice.  The hardest part of the culture is keeping up with all the changes, but that is a wonderful benefit to our customers because you will consistently get the best care we have to offer and if something goes wrong, we have an immediate way to change it.  No corporate bottle-necks here to keep our hands tied.

Passionate and Knowledgeable. We are passionate about the work that we do and about the products we sell. We actively seek more variety of high-quality products so that we can stay on top of our game. We are huge fans of education and are consistently passing around reference books, self-help books, and self-guided studies to improve our knowledge. We work as many hours as it takes to ensure that every customer ticket is resolved and we have wonderful, learning relationships with our breeders so that we can reach out to them at any time to seek additional help, resources and, of course, birds as necessary.

Professional.  Here at Purely, we don’t just bring our “A-game”, we try to exceed it.  We have fun and friendly competitions to see who can get the best chat ratings,  which one of us can get the most happy customer responses, and which team member can inspire the most 5-star reviews.  We want to exceed your expectations because that’s what we want when it’s our turn to be the customer.  This is what makes us, us.  We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service because we know that the sale doesn’t start with the payment and it doesn’t end with delivery. These are living, breathing animals and we want you, and the birds, to be as successful as possible.  As professionals, we feel it’s our job to ensure it!

Comfortable and Friendly  Our team works from their home offices throughout Wisconsin where we can oversee our flocks from our office windows. We have a culture of including our families as part of our everyday focus so that our kids, spouses, and families never have to play second fiddle to doing the jobs that we love so much.   We don’t have to sacrifice anything to serve you, as we attend meetings with our children in our laps, answer phones with dinner in the oven and share the beauty of poultry with you while the laundry is washing in the other room. We might be emailing you back from the bleachers at soccer practice or processing your order from the doctor’s office waiting room.  Purely Poultry is a blessed and happy environment and we know it.  We clock in every day without the burden of daycare woes and we genuinely enjoy each other.  Every week we spend at least 60-120 minutes together as a team. We like seeing each others’ faces and hearing each others’ voices. We like hearing about each other’s personal life. We want to lend a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pull you up, and a high five to celebrate your successes. Every single week each team member shares their personal and work “woo-hoos” with the team. Our names and faces are on all of our communication with customers. We are an amazing team and we get to share all of the benefits of that with you!

Competitive.  With all of the wonders of our little company, we are nothing if not competitive.  Friendly competition internally and a hunger to be on top externally. We compete with our past selves regularly. We are here to grow our productivity, products, sales, and profitability. We measure our progress. We celebrate our successes. And our standards are set by YOUR expectations.

Want to learn more about our team? Visit The Team.