Purely Poultry’s New Mobile Responsive Website Redesign: PurelyPoultry.com

As the CEO and creative force behind PurelyPoultry.com, updating and redesigning the PurelyPoultry.com website has been something I have been planning for a very long time, and this year I was finally able to do it!

We’ve grown quite a bit since we first starting selling poultry online, and our website was getting more and more complicated as we added products and types of products and resources. We really wanted our customers to have a better, clearer, and more fun shopping experience. And it is our customers who have allowed us to grow and expand as we have, so we really wanted to repay them with an agile and exciting new site to shop and learn on!

Well, after much investment of funds, time, and energy and 100’s of hours and sleepless nights, we finally got the new site launched in early July! Although we will always be adding and updating and developing, we are just thrilled with how it has come together.

One of our main goals was to create a more attractive and visually stunning site with plenty of photos of the birds we are offering. We also wanted to make each product’s page clear and easy to understand, and we especially wanted to make it very straightforward for our customers to see shipping rates.

Another thing that was very important to us was to make our site easier to use on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. We worked hand in hand with Numinix to create a site and design that can change its width and content placement depending on the screen size of the user. This way our customers can access the site with ease while away from their desktop computer or even out in their chicken coop!

And some other great new aspects to the site, that we hope our customers enjoy are…

Top Banner – includes simple and easy access “Like” us on your favorite social media, as well as a “Resources” pulldown menu where you can access our Blog, Newsletter Archives, as well as our Care Sheets for Raising birds.

The Blog has gotten a big facelift – it is gorgeous and includes an archive function now so by simply clicking on “See All Posts” you are brought to a listing of all blog posts by title so you can readily find previous and older blog entries.

The Main Navigation Panel has been simplified into five categories for quick and easy shopping: Chickens, Waterfowl, Other Fowl, Books, Supplies, and Shipping. And on the Home page, we added a beautiful photo-driven navigation.

The Shipping page is very clear and easy to follow. And you can access shipping costs right from your shopping cart, and it automatically updates the as you add items to your cart.

And for searching and sorting, we have added a “Sort By” function and made our Search function more thorough as well as mobile responsive.

We’re really excited about the new “Sort By” function and believe it will make the shopping experience much more fruitful. You can sort by newest, most popular, price, or alphabetically. And the sort will always prioritize availability.

We are thrilled by the multiple images we can now include on the product pages.

To add to the effortless use of our site as you move through the pages, a breadcrumbs trail on the top right lets you easily navigate backwards to previous pages and content levels.

We also now have a “Related Products” function on many of our most popular product pages. These Related Products are hand picked by us and are items we feel you could use or could be forgetting.

This new site also has all of the very latest security controls in place so you can feel safe and secure when ordering

We’ve already seen more growth over the past couple months in response to our new site! And we want to thank you for your business, as well as your support and comments! If you haven’t visited the new site, please take a look – I am personally really proud of it and love how it looks; I think it really shows off the beauty of the birds we sell and love!