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If you could make a list of the ideal qualities in your new pet, what would be on that list? Soft and Fluffy? Quiet? Easy to Care For? Of course! How about sweet, docile, and entertaining?  What if I told you that I have an animal that is all those things and also eats pesky bugs as part of a regular diet? Curious yet? I’m about to blow your mind… the animal I have in mind also gives back! These little guys give you food in return for all your love and affection, and you can create things with its, ahem, fur. Now you’ve just gotta know, right? What is this crazy animal that you don’t have yet, but really, really need? A Silkie Chicken, of course!!

silkie chicken pet

Silkie Chickens as Pets?

You probably have a skeptical look on your face right now. I would too! I mean, I did the first time I heard this same news. A chicken? For a pet? But, just hang in there with me. I’ll explain why and by the time you read this blog, you’ll be ordering your Silkie as a family pet, too!

Silkies have been around since ancient times and were brought over from China way back when emperors still ruled the land. In their homeland of China, they are regarded highly for their medicinal properties, but that’s a story for a different day. Silkies were accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1874, so it’s crazy that we don’t all have one by now. The American Bantam Association recognizes six different colors of them (yep, you could have a rainbow of them) including Black, Blue, Buff, White, Partridge (dark brown) and Splash (think Dalmatian).

Silkies eat chicken feed that is around $15 for a 50 lb bag at your local feed store. They love treats, too, such as little Johnny’s Brussel sprouts and the zucchini that is overly plentiful in everyone’s gardens. They will love you if you give them a hunk of that huge watermelon, too! In return for the good food, the ladies will give you fresh eggs for breakfast or for that custard you’ve meant to make anyway!! Sounds like a great deal, right?

I haven’t even gotten to the best part! These little guys, who look fluffy and furry instead of feathery, are sweet, soft, and loving, too. They will love to sit by you and be petted ( their feathers feel like silk), and won’t claw your furniture or bark at the neighbor’s cat. Silkies can be kept in a space as small as an apartment or as large as a hundred acre farm. They are resilient and, although they prefer mild temperatures, they can handle the cold and the heat well!

are silkie chickens good pets

To top off all of the great qualities of this showy little bird, they are beautiful, attract attention, and can be entered into shows if you, or your kids, like to “fix their hair’ and brag about them! There are plenty of people who love to see them. All this and they are incredibly entertaining, too! You simply cannot go wrong!

Take a look at the babies we have right now! The pictures don’t do them justice, though! You simply MUST have one, or a few, of your own and lucky for all of us, Purely Poultry has Silkie Chickens for Sale! Small order or get Free Shipping on 15 or more!

Still not convinced? Stay tuned.. more

I want to buy silkies

  • Tammy Pait
    Tammy Pait · November 30, 2017 at 09:46:46 · →

    Let me lnow when silkies are ready to hatch. I really love the White silkies. I want all colors in my order but especially want some White ones included

  • Tammy Pait
    Tammy Pait · November 30, 2017 at 09:49:12 · →

    Please let me lnow when Silkies are ready to hatch. I want all colors but Please put some White ones in order. White ones are my favorite

  • Amy Vann
    Amy Vann · March 27, 2019 at 08:53:42 · →

    I wondered if all types of silkies are ready to ship. Also, if I ordered today when would they get here?

  • Dave
    Dave · February 2, 2020 at 16:12:53 · →

    I understand that. Silkies. are the mother of all chickens. They will sit and hatch any egg. I read about them stealing turkey eggs and hatching them. My banties hatched the pheasant eggs and then killed them. Will the silkies hatch pheasant eggs…. and raise them ?? I have a rather large coup blue back pheasant. Melanistic pheasants courtenix and AnM quail and some regular chickens. I’ve gotten rid of the 20 banties. Thank you