Swan Stories

The swan maiden myth is one of those stories that seems to have transcended location. The basics of the story remain the same, regardless of culture or place. While the beautiful, mythical creature in most of the tales is usually a swan, there are versions of the story that feature doves, peacocks or other birds.

The swan, though, is one of those animals that seems to hold a special place in the hearts of all mankind. There are swans in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres and they are still revered throughout the world due to their singular grace and beauty. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that a similar myth about a swan has shown up repeatedly in native cultures from Japan to Guiana in South America.

There are many variants of the story in Europe, but the Swedish one is fairly well-known, and the first paragraph is quoted below:

“A young peasant in the parish of Mellby [in Blekinge], who often amused himself with hunting, saw one day three swans flying toward him, which settled down upon the strand of a sound nearby. Approaching the place, he was astonished at seeing the three swans divest themselves of their feathery attire, which they threw into the grass, and three maidens of dazzling beauty step forth and spring into the water.” Read the rest

Beyond the wide spread stories of swans that transform into beautiful maidens, these majestic birds show up in all sorts of other tales, legends and fantasies. A Greek myth, Leda and the Swan, has Zeus taking the form of a swan.  Swans are featured in several family crests, and some legends say that those families were descended from swan-human creatures. More recently, swans have played roles in several fantasy books and games including Dungeons and Dragons.

The list could go on because swans capture our collective imagination. Do you know an interesting swan story that we didn’t mention? We’d love for you to share it in the comments!