Tips for selling your poultry on Purely Poultry

We designed Purely Poultry in the image of what we dreamed of and desired in a poultry company. As passionate sell-poultry-on-purely-poultry-blogpoultry enthusiasts ourselves, we knew what we wanted. So Purely Poultry was consciously developed following that passion and is designed for customers with a passion and enthusiasm for poultry of all kinds.

Our goal to be a one-stop place for our customers to find whatever types of poultry they are looking for and be inspired to pursue new breeds and varieties. We also strive to provide info and educational resources, as well as supplies and other poultry related products. To that end, Purely Poultry is always looking for great breeders of various poultry.

We work with a wide selection of breeders and hatcheries – large and small. And we want to provide opportunities for as many small specialty breeders as possible. This is because we want to help support small breeders and because we know that our customers are interested in all sorts of special and rare breeds of poultry.

We are interested in any type of poultry products – from hatching eggs to chicks to adults.

Here are some tips for selling your poultry on Purely Poultry:

First honestly assess your product. Are you producing pure-bred, high-quality birds that are great representatives of their breed?

Figure out how much it costs for you to raise your product, and decide on what your wholesale price will be.

Honestly assess your ability to produce your product on a regular schedule. Figure out exactly how many you’ll be able to produce per month.

Take some good photos of your product. See our article on How to Take Great Photos of Birds for some tips.

Then visit our webpage, Sell on Purely Poultry¬†and contact us for an application and vendor agreement. We’ll get back in touch with you and hopefully work out a great new vendor relationship.