Top Tips for the Best Online Poultry-Buying Experience

One of our main incentives for starting our company, Purely Poultry, was to be the kind of business from which we wanted to buy poultry. Striving to be the perfect poultry resource for poultry

buyers is something that defines our day-to-day tasks. We want your buying experience – and your whole experience on our website – to be informative, peaceful, and easy.

Here are some quick tips that will hopefully make your experience ordering poultry from us easier:

Always remember that you are ordering live animals. In the case of chicks, they will be hatched and shipped on the same day. That means there is a very short window of opportunity.

The more time you give us, the better chance of getting what you want, exactly when you want it. By ordering as early as possible, we’ll have the opportunity to plan for your order better. Purely Poultry typically begins taking orders as early as November for the following season!

During spring chick season, you can expect at least a two to four weeks to go by before your chicks ship, and longer for your rare breeds. You usually have shorter wait times during the summer and fall months.

With chickens becoming more and more popular, the demand has been skyrocketing. April and May are the two most popular months for receiving shipments of chicks. The optimal time to order chicks for April/May arrival would be in January or February. We have been setting up drop-down menus on many of our chicken varieties with hatch dates. But if you don’t see a drop-down menu, please ask us.

We try to also provide many of our breeds of chicks or types of birds in different ways – with different minimums, ages, or configurations. Check these other options out to see if something is more convenient for your situation and needs.

Ok, we can’t stress this enough – order early especially if you are interested in rare breeds. If you get an email alerting you that a rare breed is now available, order them right away as they do go fast!

Gender – if you want all females, order pullets. Male chicks are called cockerels. The word, straight-run means ‘unsexed.’

If you have a specific gender count in mind, such as 50/50 males to females, don’t order straight-run. There’s a big chance that you’ll get all males or all females. We cannot give refunds in this case. If you truly need 50% of each sex, specifically order 50% pullets and 50% cockerels.

Weather – try to schedule your chicks to ship during time periods where weather is mild. Avoid shipping in very cold or very hot weather. Things happen and post offices sometimes close for weather-related issues or other reasons. We usually have very good shipping results – even year-round. And remember that we do guarantee 48-hours alive and well!

We have nationwide success for shipping – we pride ourselves in expediting shipping and are really proud of our level of service.

Use the Order Comments field. Our team members actively read notes in this field, and we want to help you get the most of your experience with ordering from us. If you have a date in mind that you want your birds, or some other instruction or request, please feel free to note it in Order Comments.

And have fun! Buying poultry online is a blast – so much more fun than ordering other things! Just keep in mind that these are live animals and that they cannot be kept in inventory. Hopefully, the above tips will be a help to you.