Tyler Danke: President, CEO and Head Honcho at Purely Poultry

Poultry has been part of Tyler Danke’s life from the beginning. Tyler was raised on a beef and cash grain farm, and found early that he has a natural affinity for poultry. Following his interests and inclinations, he took every available opportunity to learn more about domestic birds, and later, about gamebirds and wild fowl.

Being a member of 4-H and FFA in school gave Tyler plenty of opportunity to learn about poultry. Both of those organizations gave him experience in raising poultry for exhibition. In fact, Tyler and his brother worked together and won top spots in their local county fair, the state fair and other junior shows in which they were eligible to compete.

Around this time, Tyler and his brother began Danke Bros Poultry, combining their fascination with poultry with budding entrepreneurial ambitions. They decided that if they were going to take on all the work of breeding chickens, they would make some money doing it. They successfully operated Danke Bros Poultry from 2000 until 2006.

Later, Tyler began a poultry auction site, that didn’t work out in the traditional sense, but did lead him to begin his current business, Purely Poultry. Tyler works with hatcheries, breeders and vendors all over the United States to make purchasing poultry and books easy for people who raise back yard flocks.

Tyler’s life time of learning about the history of poultry keeping, the current trends in the poultry world offers his customers a unique resource. His extensive knowledge regarding the care and raising of poultry is based in solid, real world experience combined with years of reading all of the poultry-related publications available.

Without Purely Poultry, ordering different breeds of chicks can be quite difficult for individuals because so many breeders and hatcheries specialize in just a few breeds. By establishing relationships with a wide network of specialists throughout the industry, Tyler makes it possible for people to order the birds they want with a minimum amount of hassle.

In addition to making sure Purely Poultry offers a huge selection of species and breeds, Tyler works hard to make information easily available to anyone browsing his site. He is working to make sure the site has thorough descriptions of each of the breeds and that those descriptions include the history of the breed, production and care information, as well as APA status and classification information. Beyond providing complete breed descriptions, Purely Poultry has a vast number of articles on the care and raising of poultry.

As a life long poultry enthusiast, author of the site purelypoultry.com and an informative monthly newsletter, Tyler is an expert who freely shares his knowledge with others. He is most passionate about three topics: poultry, entrepreneurship and feeding people. Where those three topics come together, you will find Tyler in his sweet spot!