Tyler Kindergarten Questionnairre

I have here a questionnaire that my kindergarten teacher asked me in 1994. I thought it was quite prophetic and applicable today.

Did you know?… When I grow up I want 3 children, a computer, a pond in my backyard with lots of fish, frogs, swans, and ducks living in it and finally a deep sandbox in my front yard to play in.
My favorite things… My teddy bears, our new computer, our Sega Games, our neighbors, my cat Henrietta, my chickens, learning about animals, school, my family, and God!
I love… My mom, my cat, God, animals and birds and trees.
My favorite time this week… My Birthday because my mom and dad came and brought my chickens and birthday cake to school and Mom read the book “Old McDonald Duck had a farm.
I learned that… Kids can sometimes be hard to handle when they won’t listen to me when I was talking.
3 Wishes I have are… Nobody would litter. Nobody would have to live in a box or be poor. More people would feed the birds and stop cutting their trees down.
I’m special because… I am nice to my friends, I share good, and I smile a lot. I am also a good listener.
When I grow up I want to be… an artist.