Supplies, Supplies, Supplies….

So November is here, and your flock is flaking out on you. Egg production has slowed, hatching has diminished, and it seems they know that the winter season is rolling in. Surprisingly, now is NOT the time to rest on your laurels! We’ve got planning, prepping, and purchasing to do! Purely Poultry offers a marvelous variety of feathered friends, but there’s a surprising exhibition of Educational Books, a Slathering of Supplies, Gift Baskets and Kits of all types, and an array of Accessories here, too! As I said, we have WAAY more than just birds!

At Purely, we not only want you to come to us for birds. We want to be the place that helps you and your flock flourish too! How can we “Share the Beauty of Poultry” if you have a less-than-pleasing experience with your flock? Purely Poultry offers more than 75 titles of Poultry Related books covering everything from hatching to hen houses and lots of stuff in between. We have breed-specific guides for several varieties as well as a complete line of Storey’s Guides to keep you informed and knowledgeable when it comes to your flock. Also, we carry children’s books to offer the little ones that love their feathered friends, too!

When winter throws its worst your way, and shopping is more of a chore than play, log in to! Our website is available night and day! We carry many of the things that your local feed store offers and some things they don’t. We will ship it directly to your door, no car keys or snow-shovels required! brooder supplies of all types, coop plans for the Spring build, and the accessories to go in your coop are all right here! We carry electric fencing systems and replacement parts for them, egg supplies, and even feed and treats for your flock. vitamins, medicines, and health products are NOT in short supply and are available right here.

Don’t have a lot of time to browse? That’s ok, too! Purely Poultry has put some kits toget her that are all-inclusive and well priced. They make getting everything you need snappy and pain-free! No matter if your hatching, harvesting, or protecting your flock, we’ve thought about you and gathered all of the things you might need. First-time flock owner? Try our Chick Starter Kit! If you’ve experienced Predation Problems, the Solar Electric-Fencing Kit might be your best option. We have an Incubation Kit or a combo Incubation and Brooder Starter Kit that are super handy for those of us who love to hatch and raise our babies as well.

Do you have a friend or a family member that has a chicken problem? Is your Daughter a Duck Diva? Even if you don’t understand the obsession, you can give your loved one a treasured gift from Purely Poultry.  Precious Fine Art Prints, Egg Collecting Aprons, and Duckie Diapers are all part of what you can choose from when you take a peek at our Gifts section. Purely Poultry T-shirts are available along with DVDs, blown eggs, and magazine Subscriptions. If none of these items are “just right,” Purely Poultry offers Gift Certificatesto allow your poultry person to choose egg-actly the gift that they’ve wished for since Spring!
Purely Poultry wants to be your One-Stop-Shop for all things Poultry.
To do that, we have to go beyond the chicken. Stop in and browse our sensational selection today and have your items in time for the holidays!