What Makes Purely Poultry Special

What Makes Purely Poultry Special?

It’s a beautiful early morning in Wisconsin. I’m writing this blog entry with a hot cup of coffee to my right, a sleeping Vizsla/Chocolate lab doggo to my left, and a completely silent house around me. Did I mention I don’t have shoes on and my almost 3-year-old daughter is asleep upstairs?

Purely Poultry is a company like no other, and as an employee off and on for roughly 2 years, I can attest to the fact that it’s an employer like no other. We are a small, Wisconsin-based company doing what we love…helping homesteaders and poultry lovers far and wide make the best decisions for their farms and coops. And recently we became an exclusively woman-run and operated business. This is more happenstance than planning, but we’re still proud of it. 

Many changes have taken place here at Purely in recent months. Our founders, Tyler and Ruth Danke have recently stepped away from the business and turned it over to our fearless leader, Shannon Mock, as she prepares to fully purchase Purely Poultry in the near future. Shannon reassembled what we call “The Dream Team”, bringing back some of us poultry lovers that have parted ways with Purely in the past for one reason or another. 

Tyler Danke
Ruth Danke

Together we have broken down the company and examined (and re-examined) what makes us who we are as both employees and poultry people. I won’t lie-the past year has been full of difficult transitions and decisions, but we’ve come out the other side stronger, more passionate about our life’s work, and ready to take the poultry world by storm. We’ve really focused on what each person’s strengths and weaknesses are, and created a positive work environment and workflow based on those. 

In 2003 I became disabled after a car accident, and working traditional full-time jobs has been challenging. In 2017 my beautiful daughter, Elliott, was born and later that year I found a job listing for Purely Poultry. The rest is history! Purely Poultry focuses on family first-many of us have attended meetings with babies on our laps, spouses doing their thing in the background, and unexpectedly taken time off to deal with family illness and other challenges. This company was founded on “Family First” but it’s really the other Partners who make this dream a reality. 

It is absolutely my joy and pleasure to re-introduce you, our faithful readers, to our Purely Poultry Partners.

Alison Nicholas

Alison has been with Purely Poultry off and on since 2018, providing amazing customer service. A Wisconsin native growing up in rural Jackson County, her love of poultry, horses, and farming has grown over the years. 

When she’s not surrounded by her beloved animals, Alison is surrounded by her three boys; Alex, Nic, and Evan. 

Amanda Phillips

If you were to stereotype an “Urban Chicken Keeper” Amanda would be your gal. She has been a Backyard Chicken Keeper since early 2016. She dotes on her mixed flock of 12-15 hens and would highly recommend the Buff Orpington breed for any new chicken keeper, especially for urban areas. Their friendliness, willingness to remain inside fenced-in areas and excellent egg production make them the perfect backyard chicken. 

In addition to her laying flock, she processes between 70-90 meat birds each summer with the help of her Hubby. Being able to appreciate, love, and personally enhance the lives of each of the birds that will in turn strengthen and nurture her family gives her great joy. 

Amanda had been with Purely Poultry for 3 seasons, you may find her replying to your questions and helping to resolve your Live Arrival Agreements.  And as always, she is so glad that she can share her love of poultry with each one of our customers! 

Amber Geno

Amber has been with Purely Poultry off and on since 2017. Currently, she also provides customer service for a local manufacturing company in addition to rocking part-time customer service with Purely. 

Amber lives in Wausau, WI with her three amazing kiddos. When she’s not busy reeling in fish or camping with her kids, she enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. 

One day she aims to have her own hobby farm, which will include as many breeds of chickens as possible. Additionally, she plans to raise ducks, geese, cows, pigs, and maybe a horse or two! 

Anna Patterman

Anna has been working with Purely Poultry for 4 years and is currently focusing her expertise on taking our website to the next level to bring the best experience possible to our customers. Anna has been married to her husband for 15 years and together they have 2 growing boys. 

Outside of Purely Poultry, Anna is dedicated to furthering her education and will graduate in 2023 with a Bachelor of Education in Elementary and Special Education. When not working or going to school, Anna and her family are remodeling their home and property in Northwestern Wisconsin and working hard to cut out their own bit of peace in the world with a full table shared by the ones they love.

Christina Eckstine

At eight years old, a family friend gave her a cardboard box and let her pick eight chicks out of his homemade brooder. Ever since then, Christina has been hooked on poultry. She’s been with us since February of 2018 and loves supporting our customers as they start or grow their own flocks. 

When she is not answering phones, you’ll also find her working in graphic design and creative marketing. She lives in the north woods of Wisconsin with her husband, children, and a host of feathered, furry, and scaly friends. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, making art of all kinds and working toward her bachelor’s degree.

Kelley Blair Ostermann

Kelley has been with Purely Poultry off and on since February 2018. Currently, she fills such roles as Creative Marketing, Travel Agent, and Rep Link. These are fancy titles to say she helps fill in gaps for our full-time partners as they focus on providing exceptional customer service.

She is an activist in the LGBTQ+ community, though her activism has slowed down since the birth of her daughter in 2017. She’s also passionate about learning (and eventually teaching) American Sign Language. In the not too distant future she would like to be proficient enough to volunteer with local emergency services to be able to assist the hearing community in communicating better with the hearing impaired community in an emergency situation. 

Kelley lives and works from the Sauk Prairie area. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan and is currently undefeated in Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. 

Shannon Mock

Shannon joined the Purely Poultry team in January 2017. She was born and raised in the Mississippi River Valley in Western Wisconsin and finally married her High School Crush in October of 2012   Together she and Brendan share 3 kids, 1 dog, a pack of cats, and a flock of birds including ducks, laying hens, and broiler chickens. 

When she’s not entertained with her position here with Purely Poultry, Shannon enjoys time on her little homestead cooking, painting, stained glass, gardening, camping, and bonfires with her family on weekends. 

Shannon has had a career in customer service with high profile, Fortune 500 companies for the first part of her life and feels most at home and tucked into her space with Purely Poultry where she says she has the freedom and ability to do what’s right by our customers and deliver a great customer experience.