When is the Best Time to Buy Chicks?

barred rock baby chicks for sale

“When is the time to buy chicks?” Our response, “Now is as good a time as any!”

Another question we get asked frequently: “Is it safe to buy chickens in the winter?” The answer to that question is, YES!

We then usually ask about your setup and if you have a safe draft free brooding area for your new chicks, and make recommendations according to your answer to ensure that you are successful with your new babies.

At Purely Poultry, we offer several breeds of egg laying chickens year round. If you can brood in the colder months, we do suggest getting your chickens in December, January, and February, so you can reap the benefit of having fresh eggs when those hens mature mid-spring and summer. This allows your chicks to utilize the benefits of the long daylight hours that promote egg laying without having to “trick” your chickens with artificial lighting. Chickens need 12 hours of daylight to be productive. If you hold off for spring ordering your chickens will mature late summer or late fall when the days get shorter, and if you don’t simulate the hours of daylight to be more than 12 hours, your birds may not lay until the following spring without artificial lighting. (lamps on timers etc.)

In the cooler months for us to ship your chicks, we require 15 of them to ship for the safety of the chicks in transit. With that said, shipping is always free in our Quick Chicks section where we offer several breeds of good laying chickens year round.

Here is the link for you to take a look: https://www.purelypoultry.com/quick-chick-chickens-p-1291.html

If you prefer breeds not offered in this area, we do have several others that lay very well. There are shipping charges with some of these other breeds, and the shipping charges can vary by location depending on the time of the year and what breeder we are working with at that time. Shop around on our site and call us with any questions.

Here is the link to our site: https://www.purelypoultry.com/

**Please keep in mind that we do not ship internationally, or to Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.**

I hope this helps with the decision on when is best for you to place your next order. Happy chicken shopping! We hope to hear from you very soon.

~ Shannon O.