Where the Chicks Are Hatched

I have always been fascinated with poultry, and feel blessed to own a business that allows me to pursue knowledge about a subject I find fascinating. Running Purely Poultry keeps me in touch with breeders, officials of poultry organizations and, most importantly people who raise poultry in backyard flocks or on their farms for eggs, meat, as pets and for many other reasons.

Purely Poultry strives to offer the widest possible selection of breeds to our customers, from Cornish Crosses to Blue Andalusians, we want to make sure you can find the breed you are looking for on our website. Besides offering an unbeatable selection, we try to provide plenty of information – about raising poultry in general as well as breed-specific information.

Although we don’t talk about it often, we have never claimed to raise all of the poultry that we sell. It would take a huge operation to do that, and Purely Poultry is not huge. Instead of hatching the chicks on-site, we have partnerships with a large number of suppliers, hatcheries, farmers and breeders.

By establishing strong relationships with farms across the country that specialize in different species and breeds, we are able to make choosing and purchasing poultry easier for our customers. You get the same guarantees, excellent customer service, and wide selection regardless of which of our suppliers hatch the chicks you order. Instead of trying to figure out the distinct processes for ordering from multiple farms, you can find everything you need in one place and can rest assured we will be there to help should you have any problems.

One of the reasons that we work hard to make sure the content on our web site is accurate and useful is to help you choose which species and breeds will work for your flock. We do try to make sure you know what your options are and to include as much history as possible regarding each breed.

We do not disclose our suppliers for obvious reasons, however, we certainly do not deny their existence. We are proud to work with so many individuals and companies dedicated to poultry. We hope that you find the ease of using our site, the available selection and our outstanding customer service of value!