Who are we selling to? Who’s using and visiting our site? Developing the ideal customer avatar of Purely Poultry

Hi I am Tyler Danke, creator and owner of Purely Poultry. Purely Poultry is a new business, and I have been very actively developing it over the past 5-7 years. With a new state of the art website and with yet another year where we grew our sales by over 50%, it is time to more closely evaluate our customer base, or start to formulate our Purely Poultry Customer Avatar. By doing this, we hope to be able to focus our product line, our marketing, and our resources on our website to better address the needs of our current customers and to draw in new customers.

This business grew out of a hobby I was passionate about, and so I often think of myself as the ideal Purely Poultry customer. When I think back to my beginnings in raising and showing poultry, I realize that it would have been awesome to have a resource like Purely Poultry. That makes me feel really good about what I’m doing.

So I think first and foremost, the Purely Poultry Avatar would be a passionate poultry and bird enthusiast. Someone who appreciates and enjoys raising birds and collecting them.

Next of all, raising poultry has always been a family endeavor for both myself as a kid and now for myself as a father. So I think that the ideal Purely Poultry customer would have similar family values, wanting to include poultry as a family undertaking and keeping poultry as part of the family. The Purely Poultry Avatar is the type of person who likes to spend time at home, enjoying the backyard, with family.

Like myself, the Purely Poultry customer might also be thinking of keeping poultry as a business endeavor. Many of our customers breed their birds and sell hatching eggs or chicks or adult birds. And many of our customers are small family farms – selling high-quality fresh eggs and meat in their local communities.

Many of our customers are people who appreciate good, tasty food. Nothing beats the flavor of an egg gathered fresh from your own coop from a hen raised with love and natural care. The Purely Poultry Customer Avatar would definitely be a “Foodie,” appreciating high-quality eggs and meat. They’d also get excited about unconventional eggs and meat from ducks or quail or pheasant!

Beyond just high-quality tasty food products, we are seeing that many of our customers are dedicated to eating healthier by eating organic and grass-fed. The Avatar would probably also raise other animals and have a big, productive vegetable garden, fertilized using composted chicken manure. He/she probably also has strong feelings about raising animals with care and respect.

The avatar would be interested in developing a homestead or small sustainable farm where poultry would play a role in the cycle of life. This person would want to be actively participating in the process of producing food. This person would enjoy being able to produce the food his/her family needs, as well as being self-sufficient.

The Purely Poultry Avatar is a creative person. He/she is not Ok with walking into a grocery store and picking up a carton of old and factory-produced eggs. This person is not afraid of going against the grain of typical society. But this makes our customers very diverse, interesting, strong, and individualistic as a group.

Interestingly, Purely Poultry customers seem to be defined by their interest and enthusiasm for poultry, and not by any common physical demographic. Our customer base is made up of nearly 50/50 males and females and the age range is pretty even as well, with only small majority being of 35-40 year olds. It seems that sex and age don’t make much of a difference if you love poultry and want to raise your own food!