Why do people raise poultry? Chickens as Family Pets

So you decided to get chickens – you were convinced to do so for very practical reasons – you wanted fresh eggs for your family, manure for your compost, and tick control. Then you researched the breeds and chose a nice assortment of breeds that fit your homestead’s needs and looked beautiful. You placed your order and received your chicks in the mail.

It is at this point where you discover one of the most poignant and meaningful reasons why people raise poultry – you completely fall in love with those fuzzy little self-possessed chicks in the box!

Chickens are often raised as simply family pets. No one is expecting any production out of them. No one is weighing the ratio of feed to production. The chicken or chickens are simply members of the household.

Chickens do interact with humans and other pets. They make nice companion animals, learning their name and actively being a part of what is going on. Many chickens are downright affectionate.

Chickens make a variety of sounds that humans can easily understand. The sound of a rooster crowing, says, “All’s well,” and just brings you back to a time of simplicity.

I can spend hours just watching my birds foraging about the yard and garden. They are endlessly entertaining as they interact with one another and chase bugs and take dust baths. I also find them very relaxing, especially watching them preen. Chickens definitely help reduce stress and are a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle.

A chicken can indeed provide all that any pet does on an emotional level plus sometimes breakfast as well!