Why do people raise poultry? Poultry can teach.

One of the most memorable educational projects you can do with your children or as a teacher in school is to hatch out eggs in an incubator.Chick hatching

Giving students the opportunity to experience the process of incubation and hatching is perfect for a whole gamut of biology lessons. The incubation process in a classroom can promote observation skills for all levels of students. Students gain a tremendous amount by observing the incubation and hatching process.

One thing to also remember when doing an incubation project is that you will be responsible for the chicks after they hatch. Make caring for the chicks and re-homing them responsibly a part of the overall lesson!

Hatching eggs is an engaging educational activity for almost any child of any age. We have sent out hatching eggs to biology teachers, home-schooling groups, girl scout troops, and other clubs and organizations for incubation projects.

Eggs in an incubator with wire floor for automatic turning of the eggsRaising chicks and chickens and other poultry is a great educational hobby for older children. Kids learn responsibility, animal care skills, dedication, and more from raising poultry. Organizations like 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) promote learning and development through farming and homesteading activities. These groups are not just promoting farming as a career for students; they are promoting all sorts of leadership aspirations through activities centered around farming and food production and sustainable thinking.

Older children and teenagers can even start raising poultry as a small business. Selling eggs or birds on a small scale helps to build entrepreneurial skills. It is amazing that so many necessary life-skills can be honed and developed by simply keeping poultry.