Why Should I Raise Wild Geese?

Having a flock or family group of Canada Geese on one’s property usually incites strong emotions – some people really dislike their presence, and others find the atmosphere they produce to be sublime, interesting, and beautiful.

Canada Geese are the most common wild goose we usually see in the U.S. and they often volunteer to live on your property. However, they will be in and out on their own schedules, and many groups of Canada Geese are migratory. If you want to keep some Canada Geese permanently on your property, buying domesticated stock is a good idea, and the birds often come pinioned, so you don’t have to worry about them flying away.

Going Beyond Canada Geese! Although Canada Geese are beautiful birds, they are rather common… and there are such a huge number of absolutely striking wild species of geese available. These unusual species add tremendous interest to a large pond or lake and add diversity and charm at the same time.

We are very proud of our extensive collection of wild goose species at Purely Poultry. Currently we are offering gorgeous species such as Bar-Headed Geese, Emperor Geese, Barnacle Geese, Blue Snow Geese, Lesser White Fronted Geese, Cackling Geese, and more in the future!

Each of these wild species share the hardiness and solid dispositions of geese in general, but are also extremely diverse in coloration, patterns, and size. When geese are given enough natural space and swimming water, they can often take very good care of themselves.

Geese are mostly vegetarians – they eat lots of grass, particularly enjoying short and cut grass. They also eat lots of aquatic plants. They should do very well if they can forage both on pasture and in pond. In the winter, vegetation will be more scarce, and waterfowl or game bird feed can be used. Supplementing with greens in the winter would be a great addition. Don’t feed wild geese any processed human food.

Most of the wild goose species adapt very well to captivity and can be very successfully bred. With more and more people homesteading or starting to collect poultry, these unique species will be in demand, and you can even start selling hatching eggs or goslings!

Before ordering wild geese, check into local and state laws regarding wild goose species. Some areas prohibit owning wild geese or have steep penalties for both releasing and for allowing for the escape of these goose species into the wild.