Why should you order from Purely Poultry?

Day old chicks ready for their new home
There are quite a few ways to order poultry and poultry supplies online, and quite a few different online companies. So why should you choose Purely Poultry?

First of all, our heart is totally and completely in it! Tyler Danke started Purely Poultry as an organic spin off of his passion for raising poultry. He decided that he should create an online poultry business that he would love to order from as a poultryman. So the main drive for starting this online business was to provide other poultry enthusiasts with a great poultry buying experience.

The team at Purely Poultry is another top reason why you should buy from Purely Poultry. We’re a small company and consider each other as family members. The team is made up of truly genuine and nice people. Each of us loves poultry and cares about the business. We are all also family-oriented, and we care about the environment and sustainability. As one of our customers, we will also care about you and your experience in buying poultry from us. We want you to enjoy using our website and to have a successful and positive experience in raising your birds.

At Purely Poultry, we also put a tremendous amount of effort into the creation and continual development and building of our website. We want it to be clean and clear and easy to use. We are really proud of our website! We wanted it to be California Quail (callipepla Californica)attractive with lots of photos. We wanted it to be informative and useful to you in raising poultry. We wanted it to have the most state of the art security and be safe for you to use. We accomplished all these goals! And we’re excited to continue adding and developing new products, birds, info, and usefulness.

These reasons are all well and good. But probably the most exciting reason to order from Purely Poultry is our selection. We have a huge and diverse assortment of breeds of chickens. We also carry an amazing range of waterfowl Рof both domestic heritage and commercial breeds as well as wild species from around the world. We have a huge range of game birds as well Рquail, partridge, pheasant, peafowl, turkeys, guineas, and more! We sell everything from Poultry Reference Books to Erckel Francolins to Ruffed Grouse to Crowned Cranes!

Besides a wide assortment of different breeds and species, we also have a ton of options for ordering your birds. We offer small minimums whenever we can. We also offer started chickens as well as chicks and hatching eggs. We even now offer GMO-Free Red Broiler Chickens! We have also been adding to our selection of poultry products from feed and treats to coops and DIY plans. We are always in the process of adding and finding new birds – so check back regularly!

Thank you for reading this and for visiting our blog and site and thank you for your interest and for being one of our Purely Poultry customers! We look forward to working with you on future orders. We promise to continue building our site, gathering new products and birds, and growing into your one-stop poultry resource!