Why We Love Working at Purely Poultry

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to enjoy your work, and still be allowed the flexibility of your ever changing life? That is what we have here at Purely Poultry! We all work remotely in the comfort of our homes and set our own schedules. We have team members who work at 4:30 am and others that work at 8:00 pm, so if you ever notice a phone call or email about ordering chicks at an odd time, you know why! Working here also allows us to have our children around, and be an active parent while still assisting our customers. Searching for that20160716_152832.jpg perfect home/work balance is never fun, but we at Purely Poultry have that. We always strive to make sure our employees are happy. How could you possibly beat that?

One reason working at Purely Poultry is so incredible, is because of the Team we have! Everyone gets along great and is always willing to help one another out. We enjoy getting together for Team Meet-Ups and getting to know one another better as each day goes by. There is a lot to say about taking pleasure in the people you work with! Even though we are a remote team, we try to make time to see how each other are doing each and every day.

One of the best papp-meet-up-08-21-16rts of working at Purely Poultry is the fact that we adopted Holacracy, we have cool roles like Poultry Educator to help our team and our customers learn about birds. And our Editor that writes and publishes Chick Care Instructions and Blog Posts. This system allows for everyone to be able to have their voice heard, and gives everyone a chance to work through any tensions they have. Holacracy is best described as being a system of organizational governance where authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. This means no one person is above another person at any time. It is a fantastic system, and we have enjoyed learning more and growing as a team through Holacracy. Read more about Holacracy here.

Another reason working at Purely Poultry is so magnificent, is how much fun it is to work with our customers and breeders on a daily basis! We truly enjoying speaking with you all on the phone, via email, or even through chats. The fun and exciting work we do, and the amazing customers we “meet” along the way, certainly make things even more worthwhile. If you have questions about chickens, ducks, geese, or any other fowl, we have a Team Member to help you out!

Last but not least, we are given all of the education and training needed to not only succeed at the beginning of employment but as we grow as a company. We are supplied with all the necessary books and tools needed to be able to learn everything there is to know about poultry! Having a team Poultry Educator is one more reason we love working at Purely Poultry. We know if we have any questions, the answer is only a message away.

We could go on and on about why we love working here, but we can’t tell you everything 🙂 Keep your eyes out, as we will be hiring in the near future and hope you will consider applying to work with us here at Purely Poultry. If you have any questions about the other reasons working here is so outstanding, you can message us here.