Wonderful Wyandottes- How to Pronounce it and Why We Want Them

wyandotte chickens

So here it is. The Wyandotte article you’ve been waiting for, we are going to answer all of the questions you’ve been asking in a quick and easy-to-read article that you can refer back to as often as you want. Let’s get started…

The Wyandotte, pronounced “Why-en-Dot” is a heritage breed of chicken that is named for the indigenous Wyandot people of North America and has been around since the 1870s. So, now that we know how to pronounce it, what sets this breed apart from any others?

golden laced wyandotte chicken

If you’re considering the Wyandotte chicken as a possibility for your flock, starting out or established, you’re on the right track. As long as you’re seeking a bird with a big personality, Wyandottes will be great options. These dense and beautiful birds come in a variety of colors that are truly stunning and are available in both Standard and Bantam (mini) varieties. The standards are a fantastic dual purpose breed that produces at least 200 light brown eggs per year, are usually docile with enough care, but can be bullies and flighty if left alone too much. Wyandottes are incredibly active (which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your set-up), love to free range but will do ok in a run, do well in cold climates but would require extra care in hot climates. The hens can be particularly broody, though not as broody as a silkie, and the Roos, a bitwyandotte hen aggressive, are tremendous protectors.

So that’s the basics. All the facts up front, allowing you to decide if you want to consider the best part of having a Wyandotte… Color!

Oh my! Wyandotte chickens are some of our favorites because they genuinely are worth extra care and what-not because they are just so pretty and make fabulous additions to your mixed flock! The hardest decision is what color to have them in! They come in SO. MANY. COLORS. and are equally as gorgeous in any of them, though the Blue Laced Red is my personal favorite. Purely Poultry offers Wyandotte chickens in rare colors such as Blue or Black Laced Red, as mentioned, or in more standard options such as Golden Laced, Silver Laced, White, and Columbian.

I love looking out at my flock and seeing a variety of color and birds that are ranging the yard but protected by the truly stunning Roo that is crowing in the distance. For this reason, I chose Wyandottes for my flock, and you should definitely consider them, too!