Year in Review – 2014, So Far!

Purely Poultry is a new business and has been actively evolving and developing over the past couple years. We want our focus to be on our customers, and we have been actively evaluating our customers’ experience with us and our site. Then we put those insights to work – trying make that experience better and better.

As things settle a bit after a hectic spring and a strong summer season, we feel like we want to sum up a bit for our customers and extend our appreciation for such a great year of growth and development so far.

2014 has been very exciting! Our busiest time of year is February through May, which is when we get most of our chicks orders, and this year we had more orders than ever before.

We launched 117 new products this year so far, and we are working on more. We amped up the number of supplies we carry as we felt that having a place to get all your poultry needs at once would be convenient.

One of the new products we are proudest of and excited about is our Call Ducks, which are one of Ruth’s favorite breeds. We are offering an assortment of different colors of Call Ducks to choose from and will soon be offering both ducklings and adults.

We are also very excited to have added Started Birds to our products. Although the shipping costs are higher for these larger and older birds, our customers are finding that ordering their chickens as started birds saves a lot of work and expense.

This year we started offering hatching eggs for a whole bunch of different breeds and species, which have been extremely popular.

We also wanted to make sure that our customers were getting the best experience with their birds as possible. We posted free care instructions on our site, and we started including the care sheets in with our products. We curated a great selection of care products to offer to be sure that our customers had the best materials and supplies available to them for successfully raising and caring for their birds.

We also have been really involved with making our blog even more useful and helpful. We want our blog to provide everyone with answers to their questions or quickly find info on how to prevent issues. Our new site has a very easy to find page of blog archives that anyone can access anytime.

Probably our biggest and most dramatic change this year was the development and designing and then the implementation of our new website. We redesigned it to have five top-level categories – Chickens, Waterfowl, Other Fowl, Books, and Supplies – to make finding what you’re searching for as easy and as comprehensive as possible. We also made it look much more beautiful with more pictures and multiple pictures per product. Our shipping page is much clearer, and we were also able to add availability dates to some of our products. We also now have a ‘related products’ section for many of our products that we hand picked ourselves as being useful for our customers. Our Care Sheets and Blog Access are all easy to find right on our Resources tab.

As a company, we spend time thinking about what kind of business we want to be. We want Purely Poultry to be honest and transparent, caring, clear, and fair. We wrote and developed a new Company Culture document to define clearly to ourselves where we want to go and to let our customers know what our business philosophy is.

There were some disappointments – we weren’t able to sell Muscovy ducks or many swans this year. We hope to have them available next year.

We also wanted to hire some extra customer service support and started the interview process. However, upon reviewing our budgeting, we found we couldn’t afford to add new employees after all the expense of the new website development. But we did create some new work flows with our current team members. One of new things we started doing this year was a round robin approach to answering customer’s inquiries.

We also started a Live Chat on our site, which has been getting great reviews and lots of use. It almost broke us though! We started it at the very busiest time of year and found ourselves a bit overwhelmed. We think we have the hang of it now though and really love having another way to conveniently ‘talk’ with our customers.

And a new team member has been joining our meetings – Owen! Owen is Tyler and Ruth’s new baby boy and has been adding total love and fun to our team meetings!

Thank you so much for your support and patronage over this past year, and please know that we are thrilled and excited to serve and work with you in the years ahead!