You’re Writing What? About CHICKENS?

Today’s post is a guest post from our writer-in-residence, Dava Stewart, of Smiling Tree Writing. Dava has been helping to re-work the site content on, and talks today about how she feels about writing about poultry.

“Yep,” I tell people, “one of my favorite clients sells chickens.”

The usual response is a look of amusement, followed by a question something like, “How much is there to say about chickens?”

You see, I am a professional freelance writer, and my clients span a range of industries. My friends and family are generally amazed that I can make a living writing and so often ask me questions related to my work. It’s always fun to describe what I do for Purely Poultry, and people are usually surprised to learn exactly how much there is to say about chickens!

At this point, you may be wondering, “What do you do for Purely Poultry, anyway?” I am the person who has been slowly re-writing the content of the Purely Poultry web site. I also edit guest posts for the blog, help put together the monthly newsletter, research various species and breeds, and write pretty much anything Tyler asks for.

If you are wondering about my personal experience with poultry, well, although it’s a little embarrassing to admit, I don’t have any. Other than the fact that my dad and my brother have a few roosters they keep more as pets than anything else, I don’t really have any experience with poultry.

After learning so much, though, I really want some!  Tyler’s dream of an avian zoo is much more understandable to me now that I have learned about swans and pheasants and, of course, chickens. Now, I find myself looking at pictures of coops online at least a couple of times every month.

This work has given me a tremendous opportunity to learn about something I would otherwise probably not have, and it has been fun to “meet” so many poultry people. Through reading comments on the Purely Poultry fan page, reading books and other blogs and talking to people about chickens, I’ve discovered a friendly, helpful community.

Thanks, Tyler, for giving me the chance to “discover” poultry, and thanks to the community at large for being so helpful and welcoming!