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Blown Goose Eggs


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Blown Goose Eggs Details

Blown Goose Eggs

Eggs are one of those things that just seem to inspire creativity and crafting. Using eggs with the insides still intact can be messy if they accidentally break. So blown eggs are usually used for crafting purposes. Blowing out chicken eggs is an arduous task and tends to lead to a lot of broken eggs. 

That's why we are offering these Blown Goose Eggs, which are more exciting and much larger than chicken eggs. Blown Goose Eggs are also very strong compared to most chicken eggs. 

Egg sizes are the circumference around the widest part of the egg in inches. The eggs will be no smaller, but may be slightly bigger. For example, a 10.0 may measure between 10.0 and 10.99 inches. 

We offer both acid washed and the no acid method of cleaning the eggs. Acid is the most common method. Once the eggs are blown, they are dipped in a mild muriatic acid solution to clean. The no acid method uses a mild soap instead. Because of the additional time to clean using soap, there is an additional charge per egg. Choose no acid if you intend to dye your eggs. Using acid prevents dyes from adhering consistently to the shells. 

Blown eggs last a very long time, so your crafted art will be around for posterity. These high quality, beautiful Blown Goose Eggs will add to your art and also give your art an archival feel.

These Blown Goose Eggs are clean, brilliantly white, and hollow. There is a small hole, centered on the wider end of the egg. Hole is about 3/16 inches in diameter.

Blown Goose Eggs are perfect for all sorts of egg-decorating from Ukrainian Pysanka to onion skin dying to decoupage, can be used in various crafts from table centerpieces to wreaths and ornaments. 

These eggs are packaged safely and should arrive in good condition. We will provide a refund of the cost of the egg if any should arrive broken. 


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Blown Goose Eggs

Blown Goose Eggs

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