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Day Old Blue Copper Marans Chicks

Hatching March to July. If you order Blue Copper Marans you will get all Blue Coppers.

The Blue Copper Marans is an extraordinary bird. Not only is it a colorful one, being blue with a shimmering copper hackle, but the eggs are also a beautiful dark color as well. This variety is stunning and a good choice for those that want to add color to their flock and eggs.

Production: The Blue Copper Marans lay 150 eggs in a given season. The eggs are dark brown, being the darkest at the start of the season and lightening up as the bird continues to lay. The breed can be a dual-purpose one for both meat and eggs due to their size. Hens can become broody and raise their own young.

Temperament: The Marans are a docile and friendly breed. They make a wonderful addition to the backyard flock.

History: The Marans are from a marshy wet area in Marans, France. They were and still are popular for their dark eggs. There are many varieties of the Marans, the black copper, and blue copper Marans being the most popular as they lay the darkest eggs. The other varieties are still in the works with egg color, as egg color defines this extraordinary breed. The Marans were imported in 1930 to the United Kingdom, where they were used as egg layers primarily. Today they are known to be dual purpose both for their eggs and meat. The first recognized color variety that was accepted by the American Poultry Association was the Black Copper Marans. Blue Coppers are still in the process of being accepted. This is a fairly new breed in the United States and most likely will be quite a popular one as more people get involved in them.

Colors: The Blue Copper Marans is a variation of the Black Copper variety. The Black is replaced with a slate blue-gray coloring. The hackles and saddle feathers are a beautiful red-orange tone. This blue plumage is a dilution of the black. In poultry, blue does not breed true. Although you will receive 100% Blue Copper Marans, when bred together, you can get 50% blue copper, 25% black copper, and 25% splash copper based on the genetics to produce blue.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not listed because they were recently imported.

Body Type: The Blue Copper Marans are medium-sized chickens. They have a prominent chest, a long neck, and wide shoulders. They have large thighs and feathered shanks.

Weights: Rooster 8 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs

APA Class: Continental

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Blue Copper Marans Chickens

Blue Copper Marans Chickens

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