Blu-Kote Details

Blu-Kote Aerosol 4 ounce Dauber

Blu-Kote dauber is a responsible item to have on hand in your poultry first aid kit.

Blu-Kote is a fast acting anti-bacterial (germ-killing) spray. It also is effective against fungal infections, including ringworm. It is useful in treating any skin lesions or cuts, keeping infection at bay and covering and protecting the wound.

The blue coloring is especially useful in treating birds as they can have a tendency to peck at blood. The color blue camouflages the wound and prevents other birds from picking at the injured member of the flock.

Blu-Kote is quick drying and penetrates fast, making it a very effective antiseptic and fungal treatment. We offer this 128 grams germicidal and fungicidal spray. It can be used for veterinary care of poultry.

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