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Brown Egg Layers

Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock


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Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock Details

Hatching February through September


The high energy and foraging capabilities of a Blue Andalusian and the temperment and laying habits of a wonderful Plymouth Rock have been brought together is this lovely variety of bird to bring you almost 300 extra large brown eggs each year and a healthy dose of color and fun to your flock.  What more could you want?

Did we mention that these gorgeous blue birds have lovely black flecks in their neck feathers and grow to be a large bird at 5+ poulnd?  All this and they are both heat and cold hardy, making them a fun, no-fail addition to any backyard.

You will not be disappointed. 

Weight: Pullet 5 lbs, Cockerel 6 lbs at full maturity. 

Matures at 20 weeks.

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Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock

Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock

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