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Bantam Chickens

Brahma Bantams

Brahma Bantams


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Brahma Bantams Details

Day Old Brahma Bantam Chicks

Hatching mid-February to October.

Brahma bantams have pea combs, are very active for a heavy breed. These beautiful birds were first recognized in America in 1898. The baby chicks have a gray smoke colored tint to them and mature into a pure white body with black laced tail and hackle feathers.

Light Brahma Bantams have the Columbian plumage pattern with a dramatic difference between the black plumage of the tail, neck and wings and the remaining white plumage. Light Brahma Bantams, which have an upstanding, stately stature, are the most popular variety of Brahma Bantams.

Dark Brahmas are silver pencilled color pattern.

Buff Brahma Bantams are of the buff columbian color pattern.

Brahma bantam plumage is smooth fitting and not as loose as Cochins.

Standard Weights: Rooster 38 oz, Hen 34 oz, Cockerel 34 oz, Pullet 30 oz

Brahma Bantams

Brahma Bantams

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