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Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack

Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack Details

Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs

Fake Eggs can be useful tools for training the backyard-laying flock. These well-crafted Brown Ceramic Eggs are perfect as training eggs!

These Brown Ceramic Eggs can be in the nest boxes to encourage pullets and hens to lay their own eggs in there as well. Pullets that are at the point of lay but have no mature hens to model after sometimes need to see a couple of eggs in the nests to start laying. And these Ceramic Eggs show exactly where the pullets need to lay.

These training eggs also can help in breaking bad habits in hens. Are your hens are laying their eggs in the wrong spot, outside the coop, or on the floor of the coop? You can encourage them to reconsider the nest boxes by putting the Ceramic Eggs in the boxes. Ceramic Eggs can help resolve problems with hens pecking or eating eggs.

These Brown Ceramic Eggs have the weight and feel of real eggs. They would work best for breeds that lay brown eggs such as Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, and Sussex.

And these Ceramic Eggs make attractive decorations and can be used in crafting and other hobbies.

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Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack

Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs 2 Pack

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