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Brown Chinese Geese


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Brown Chinese Geese Details

Day Old Brown Chinese Geese

Hatching March to June.

Brown Chinese Geese are the smallest of the domestic geese. They are light and graceful, good layers and make excellent weeders.

Production: You can expect 45-55 eggs per year from a Brown Chinese Goose, and they will reach 10-12 pounds at maturity.

Temperament: Brown Chinese Geese are friendly, they like people and they love to “talk.” If you raise them from goslings, they will talk to you excitedly whenever they see you.

History: Brown Chinese Geese are derived from the wild Asiatic Swan Goose. Their long, curvy necks and graceful bodies make them among the most attractive geese. The first mention of Chinese Geese in United States appears in the letters of George Washington, who received a pair as a gift.

Aside from their beauty, these geese are practical for the small flock or farm yard. They will gladly do your weeding for you, as they love to eat grass, and must be trained to eat broad-leafed weeds.

Brown Chinese Geese are also active foragers, meaning they need less supplemental food than some other breeds. They are also great watch animals. Being very vocal, they will definitely “sound the alarm” when anyone or anything comes into their territory! 

Colors: Brown Chinese Geese have dark, rich, fawn-colored feathers, with accents of a beautiful creamy white. The bill, feet and legs are brownish orange or dark orange.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch.

Average Mature Weight: 10-12 pounds

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Light Goose

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Brown Chinese Geese

Brown Chinese Geese

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