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Day Old Brown Leghorn Baby Chicks for sale

Hatching February to October.

Light Brown Leghorns are a color variety of the Leghorn Chicken breed. They are slim birds and very active, laying many eggs a year. They are the perfect chicken for those that want a high production white egg layer.

Production: The Leghorn breed is very prolific and lays around 220-300 white eggs in a given season. This equals 3-4 eggs per week. They are known to lay much more eggs depending on their strain. The hens rarely go broody. Light Brown Leghorns are normally not used as meat birds.

Temperament: Light Brown Leghorn chickens are very hardy birds. If given plenty of space, they are perfect for the hobbyist wanting many eggs.

History: Leghorn originated from Italy. They were known as the "Italians," and were first imported to Connecticut. They were improved for their egg production and then sent back abroad to the United Kingdom. They were then imported to Massachusetts in 1865 from England, in which they received their Leghorn name. In 1874, this variety was accepted by the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection.

APA Class: Mediterranean Class

Color description: The Light Brown Leghorn hen and rooster has a bright red comb, wattles, and face. Their eyes are a deep reddish bay color. They have a deep orange plumage. The rooster has deep orange hackles and saddle, with black sickles and covert feathers over a black tail. They have black wings and the rest of the body is a deep orange coloring. The underlayer is a light slate color. The shanks are black and the toes are yellow. The hen is quite different in coloring. She has a light orange neck, with a black strip. Her back is covered in dark brown stippled with light brown feathers. She has a dull black tail.

Conservation Status: Recovering

Weights: Cockerel 5 lbs, Pullet 4 lbs

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Brown Leghorn Chickens

Brown Leghorn Chickens

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