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Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering by Adam Danforth with a foreword by Joel Salatin

This is an exceptional instructional book that fully covers every aspect of processing the meat from chickens, poultry, rabbits, lamb, goats, and pigs. Every stage of the process is clearly and carefully discussed and described from proper tools and set-up, to pre-slaughter, slaughter, cleaning, cooling, sanitation, cutting into primals, creating subprimal cuts and portions, as well as storing, packaging, and everything in between.

The clear and through step-by-step descriptions of this comprehensive reference book are augmented by outstanding step-by-step photography of every part of the process. The photos are fully illustrative and well done.

Danforth's focus is on humane slaughtering techniques, and it is written with an audience of artisanal farmers, homesteaders, and home-processors in mind. This book would be an invaluable resource for anyone new to slaughtering and butchering who is considering on-farm slaughtering of their animals, or even for experienced processors who will find lots of interesting and helpful insights and new ideas. This book would also be a valuable guidebook for a person who wants to purchase an already slaughtered animal from a farm for home processing.

The book doesn't call for any major investment in buildings, coolers, etc. The steps and processes are completely accessible for most farmers and homesteaders.

Beyond its value as a step-by-step guide, this book also provides very useful and interesting information on the chemistry of meat and muscle, including information on aging meat. Sanitation and hazard control are also covered in depth and in a pragmatic and realistic manner, giving safe options for home processors.

This is probably the most clear and illustrative book currently available on processing meat from your poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, or pigs.

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Butchering Comprehensive Photographic Guide

Butchering Comprehensive Photographic Guide

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