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Call Duck Breed Book by Dr. Darrel Sheraw ABA & APA Licensed Judge - Call Duck Book has 8 pages color photos Call Duck Book is a great book. I think any call duck breeder or owner should own the Call Duck Breed Book. They have the new revised edition with color photos. The Call Duck Breed Book has everything you need to know about Calls. The Call Duck Breed Book describes all the colors of calls and the breeders of the newer colors. Dr Sheraw has been responsible for many of these. Several chapters of The Call Duck Breed Book are written by other experts. Lou Horton covers chapters on breeding and showing. The last part is devoted to showing calls varieties. Soft cover 163 pages. Breed history, breeding, feed preferences, sexing calls, duck pinioning & clipping, duck showmanship. Contains nearly 100 drawings and photographs. Would make a wonderful gift for a bantam duck enthusiast!

2010, 2nd Printing


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Call Duck Breed Book

Call Duck Breed Book

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