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Wild Geese

Canada Geese

Canada Geese



Canada Geese Details

Canada Goslings for sale

Branta canadensis

Canada Goslings hatch April to June. We only sell straight run unsexed goslings. Shipping by Express Mail is $80 for up to 20, $160 for 21-40. These goslings are pinioned unless otherwise requested.

Maxima strain weigh around 18 pounds. Normal strain weigh around 13 pounds.

Range: Throughout North America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the northernmost areas of Mexico to the northernmost reaches of Canada. Canada Geese only live year round in the middle of their range. The rest migrate summer and winter.

Habitat: Canada Geese live in extremely varied habitats throughout their range. They especially like lawns.

Description: A very recognizable bird, the Canada Goose has a black head and neck and a bright, white "chinstrap." It has a cream-to-buff colored breast and brown feathering on its back, tail and wings. The bill, legs and feet are brown.

Status in the wild: The Canada Goose is common, and becoming more so in suburban and even urban areas.

Status in aviculture: Most people who raise Canada Geese in captivity raise them as pets. With the exception of nesting season, they are said to be sweet, curious pets. They do tend to fly away, unless they are pinioned or have their flight feathers trimmed.

State agencies generally have the authority to set and enforce rules and laws governing the keeping of migratory birds. Many species including Canada Geese cannot be raised for release for hunting.

Canada Geese pair up when they are about two years old and begin producing eggs at about three or four years. They get quite defensive when they begin nesting.

Miscellaneous Notes: Redistribution programs have made permanent populations of Canada Geese where they may not have otherwise been. For a while, some areas were experiencing population depletion, but the redistribution programs, combined with the institution of various laws controlling the breeding and raising of migratory birds, have helped the Canada Geese population rebound. Some areas even have some problems with the geese because they love to eat grass, especially on lawns.

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Canada Geese

Canada Geese

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