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Cardboard Brooder Guard (SOLD BY THE FOOT)



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Cardboard Brooder Guard for Baby Chicks

Using a Cardboard Brooder Guard for creating a brooder for rearing your chicks is both safe and convenient. This Cardboard Brooder Guard is made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard. It comes in a roll that can spread out into a circle or crimped or folded to make corners. This gives you lots of options for placing and fitting the Brooder Guard into your brooding area.

The Cardboard Brooder Guard is 12 inches high. This makes for easy access and yet is high enough to protect the chicks from drafts.

The brooder can be set up with the Cardboard Guard around the outside perimeter. Keep waterers away from the cardboard walls to avoid soakage. Staple or tape two ends of the Cardboard Brooder Guard together to create any size brooding space.

The cardboard is sanitary and disposable allowing for a quick and effective clean up after brooding. A 12-foot length would make a 9-square-foot area for your chicks and can fit 15 to 30 chicks for the first 3 weeks, while a 25-foot length would be perfect for up to 100 chicks. 

Once chicks start to feather out, be careful that they don't fly over the guard!

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Cardboard Brooder Guard (SOLD BY THE FOOT)

Cardboard Brooder Guard (SOLD BY THE FOOT)

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