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Cherry Egger Chickens Details

Day Old Cherry Egger Chicks for Sale

Hatching February to September.

Great personality, large brown eggs, and great winter production are just some of the reasons to consider the Cherry Egger chicken. Weighing in around 7 to 8 pounds, they make a great dual-purpose breed as well.

Production: The Cherry Egger is a prolific layer of large to jumbo size brown eggs, from 200-280 annually. Egg color varies from light to dark brown. Pullets may start laying as early as 20 weeks. The Cherry Egger has excellent winter production.

Temperament: Cherry Egger chickens are friendly and docile. They are a great backyard pet as well as a welcome addition to the production flock.

History: Cherry Eggers were selectively bred to be a high production, dual-purpose breed. Cherry Eggers can be a cross between any variety of high production red-feathered chickens, but most typically are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a New Hampshire Red. The name Cherry Egger was coined in the 1950s for the color of the feathers of the resulting birds.

APA Class: Not recognized.

Color: The Cherry Egger is named for the color of their feathers--various shades of reds, from maroon to chestnut. They have yellow legs and a single red comb.

Conservation Status: Not applicable as this is not a pure breed.

Standard Weights: Rooster 8.5 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerels 7.5 lbs, Pullets 5.5 lbs.

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Cherry Egger Chickens

Cherry Egger Chickens

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