Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks

Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks
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Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks Anas Castanea

Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks or simply, Chestnut Teal, are stocky little dabbling ducks. They have high and round heads with distinctive glossy green on males. Male Chestnut Breasted Teals are also distinguished by their bright chestnut-colored neck and breast. Their lower wings also carry this bright chestnut coloring while their upper body is a dark umber brown. They have a mostly black tail, but with a striking glowing white patch on the underside. Males tend to keep their breeding coloration throughout the year. Females are much more understated and resemble many of the other species of teal. Both sexes have deep, dark red eyes with blue-gray bills and green-gray legs and feet. 

The striking coloration of the Chestnut Breasted Teal makes it a wonderful and attractive addition to any avian collection or protected pond environment. But these teal are also very easy to keep and would be highly recommended for beginning wild waterfowl keepers. 

Range: Chestnut Breasted Teal have a native widespread range throughout Australia and surrounding islands, such as New Zealand. They are considered most common in the southern part of the Australian continent. 

Habitat: Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks seem to be perfectly accepting of either salty and unsalty waters. They are commonly seen in coastal waterways and wetlands.   

Status in the Wild: Current populations of Chestnut Breasted Teal are quite stable, so they are of Least Concern in Conservation Status. 

Status in Aviculture: Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks are adaptable and quite comfortable in captivity, and they are great aviary birds. 

Breeding: Chestnut Breasted Teal are monogamous, and pairs usually remain together year-round. They are usually fertile in their first year but usually wait until their second year to breed. The breeding season is during warm weather, usually in spring. Both sexes are active in selecting a nest site. Although males do not actively incubate the eggs, they do defend the nest and look after the ducklings when they hatch. Nests are usually located over the water and can be 20 - 30 feet high. They will use a nest box if it is situated in a similar manner.  Clutch size is usually 6-10 eggs which are incubated for about 26 days. Ducklings can swim and walk within a day of hatching and are hardy and easy to raise.

Lifespan: Chestnut Breasted Teal can be expected to live 15-20 years in an appropriately maintained captive environment. 

Size: Males are 15- 20 inches in total length, and females are a bit smaller, being 13 - 17 inches. Males weigh up to 1.5 pounds; females weigh about 1.3 pounds.

Housing Requirements: Because Chestnut Breasted Teal are dabbling ducks, they will be happiest if kept with a substantial body of water to forage in. Teal are also strong flyers, so your enclosure will need to be covered. Be sure that the enclosure is also safe from predators. They can be kept with other species of ducks as they are very unaggressive.

Diet: The natural diet of the Chestnut Breasted Teal is omnivorous, and the birds eat a wide diversity of aquatic plant matter, seeds, insects, and invertebrates. In captivity, they do fine eating a high-quality commercial waterfowl or game bird diet. 

Miscellaneous Notes: Chestnut Breasted Teal enjoy perching, similar to Mandarins and Wood Ducks. They will spend time perching and will also make use of a raised nest box for laying eggs.

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Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks

Chestnut Breasted Teal Ducks

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