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Chick and Poultry Starter Kit


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Chick and Poultry Starter Kit Details

Chick Starter Kit

JUST ADD CHICKS! Brooding and raising your chicks is crucial for their development and growth into healthy happy chickens. Purely Poultry offers a Chick Starter Kit to get you on the right path to chick raising! With a chick feeder, waterer, heat source, thermometer, and electrolytes, your chicks will be healthy from the start!

This kit includes all of the basic supplies to get your chicks from fuzzy to featherd. These products aid in the hydration and nutrition of your growing chicks. Electrolytes are included to give your chicks a boost during their first few days of life. A brooder lamp and 250 watt clear infrared heat bulb aids your chicks in warmth, just like their mothers would do if they were taken care of naturally. Most importantly, a thermometer is included in this kit to help you monitor your temperatures.

Add bedding and feed to your cart and your friendly mail carrier will drop off all you need right on your doorstep.  No need to step foot inside a supply store!

Kit contents: 

* 1-gallon waterer

* 2 Poly feeders with reel

* Feed scoop

* Thermometer

* Vital Pack

* GroGel Plus B 100 dose

* Brooder lamp

* 250-watt clear Heat bulb

* 25-foot cardboard brooder guard.

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Chick and Poultry Starter Kit

Chick and Poultry Starter Kit

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