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Chick Grit 5 lbs

Chick Grit 5 lbs Details

Chick Grit 5 lbs

Birds have a very different digestive system from mammals. In order to fully process and digest their food, much of which is comprised of hard grain and insects, birds use both a stomach and a gizzard. The gizzard is comprised of hard muscles that grind the harder pieces of the food a bird eats into fully digestible bits. For the gizzard to work effectively, a bird needs to consume fragments of stone and gravel, which then remain in the gizzard and help with this grinding process.

If your chickens have constant access to the ground where there are bits of gravel and stone, then you won't need to provide them with a lot of grit as your birds will find their own most likely. But it is always a good idea to have prepared poultry grit readily available for them as having the right size grit will make their digestion better. This allows your chickens to get the most nutrition from the food you're feeding them.

With chicks, it is especially important to provide them with Grit. Chicks spend all their time in a brooder and don't have access to the ground and they need very small grit. This Chick Small Size Grit is a great product for this purpose.

Providing your chicks with grit is simple and easy and makes a huge difference in their well being and digestion. Simply sprinkle the grit over their feed or around the brooder. The chicks will find this sprinkling very interesting and will probably start eating some grit pieces and fortifying their little gizzards immediately.

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Chick Grit 5 lbs

Chick Grit 5 lbs

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