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Chick Grower Developer Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO




Chick Grower Developer Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO Details

We pride ourselves in addressing the needs of all our poultry customers. We are proud to carry this line of feed that is both GMO-Free and Soy-Free for poultry owners who are very discerning about quality food. Many people are finding the amount of GMO in our food systems to be unnerving, and soy is also questionable both for people with allergies to soy and for other reasons as well. This Chick Grower/Developer Feed is well-balanced and provides all the necessary nutrients and protein for growing birds without the soy and GMO's.

H and H has also put much effort into developing feeds with appropriate and optimized texture for the birds it is supposed to feed. These pellets are a perfect size for young pullets.

H and H Grower/Developer is 16% protein, designed to provide the full nutritional requirements of growing and developing young birds. Besides non-GMO grains, such as millet and flax,  it also contains Fertrell's full spectrum of organic vitamins, minerals, and microbial additives. Fertrell is well-known for their high-quality, organic poultry supplements. 

This H and H Grower/Developer is recommended for feeding your pullets from about 6 - 8 weeks of age until about 20 weeks of age or until just about to start laying. 

We suggest feeding this Grower/Developer to pullets as free choice with full access to fresh water and grit. 

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Chick Grower Developer Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO

Chick Grower Developer Feed Soy-Free and Non-GMO

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