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Chick Stick Treat

Chick Stick Treat Details

Chick Stick Treat

Birds love treats! What would make a better treat than the Chick Stick Treat! This treat shows your flock you care and keeps them busy.

The Chick Stick Treat is a compressed feed block that should only be used as a treat for your chicks as it is high in fat. The stick is hung to prevent waste.This treat is 15 ounces in weight.

Corn is added as a filler and treat, Soybean meal is the main ingredient in the Chick Stick Treat for protein. Protein is important for growth of feathers and weight. Beef fat is used as another protein source. It is scientifically proven that chickens prefer animal products over non animal products since they are omnivores. Red Millet is a nutritious component, providing protein, fiber, fat, and calcium to your birds. Flaxseed is added as a fat source. There are supplements also provided in the Chick Stick Treat, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. Calcium Carbonate is added as a calcium source for bone development in young birds.

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Chick Stick Treat

Chick Stick Treat

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