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Chicken Butterfly Saddles come in 2 sizes; 'small' fits hens that measure 4-5 inches long, and 'large' fits 8-9-inch long hens. You can measure your hen using a tape measure. Simply measure straight down the spine, starting from the back of the neck and measuring to where the hen's tail starts to curve upwards.

The Butterfly Chicken Saddle is another style of the classic Chicken Saddle. It is designed to not only protect hens' backs, but to also protect the top of the wings, which can also be damaged or injured during mating. 

These Butterfly Chicken Saddles cover the tops of the wings and back by snapping on underneath the wings. They are designed for comfort and will not inhibit wing flapping or any of the natural movements of your hens. 

Butterfly style saddles can be used both preventatively as well as after damage has occurred. These saddles have a very strong yet soft-surfaced lining that won't irritate bare, sensitive skin. These saddles are handy to have on hand and would be great to include in your poultry emergency kit. 

The material used in these Chicken Butterfly Saddles is high quality and very durable. It is washable. Saddles come in a variety of different top-side colors and patterns; please choose from our drop down menu. Underneath, the saddles are heavy duty duck cloth for strong protection. The fabrics used are strong, yet light weight which make them fine and comfortable for wearing even in warm weather. These Chicken Butterfly Saddles are also useful for shielding bare skin from getting sunburned.


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Chicken Butterfly Saddles

Chicken Butterfly Saddles

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