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Chicken First Aid Kit


Our Chicken First Aid Kit contains the Chicken Health Handbook, a 2 oz bottle of Vet Rx all in a small egg basket. Add on whatever products you need and you can also upgrade to a larger basket if needed.  

Vet Rx is a classic poultry treatment made with essential oils. It is usually used as a preventative, promoting strong immune systems and keeping your flock healthy. It is often used by people showing their birds - not only will it help your birds stay disease-free, but when rubbed into combs, wattles, and legs, it will make your birds look shiny, bright, and beautiful! Vet Rx has been used for treating all sorts of poultry illness from respiratory issues to scaly leg. 

We are also including a copy of the Chicken Health Handbook in our Chicken First Aid Kit, a useful reference guide for preventing, diagnosing, and treating chicken issues and problems.  

 Our small egg basket is wire coated and measures 8" x 8" x 5" and can hold up to 3 dozen eggs. Our large egg basket is wire coated also, and measures 13" x 13" x 6" holding up to 8 dozen eggs. 

Poultry Protector Spray

This is a safe product made with natural enzymes that kill lice, mites, and other small parasites that may infest your birds and coop. This spray can be used directly on your birds or on the bedding, roosts, etc. These little parasites are creepy, but totally treatable, especially if you have a bottle of Poultry Protector Spray on hand and ready to use at the first sign. 

Probios Dispersible Powder

This is our favorite probiotic product, providing various strains of acidophilus and other healthy gut bacteria for optimal digestion and general well-being. Birds have particularly sensitive digestive systems and providing your birds with proper probiotic activity through a product like this can make a big difference in their health. Even if you do not use this product daily, having it on hand to use during times of stress is a good idea.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is an effective and natural pesticide. It is not a chemical, so insects and parasites will not become immune to it. Diatomaceous Earth can be used preventatively around the coop and nest boxes. Many responsible flock owners add it to spots where their birds take dust baths to help in eliminating and preventing mites and lice. 

Scaly Leg Protector

Scaly leg is a disease caused by a mite that causes the scales on your birds' legs to protrude and crust-up. It can become serious, causing pain and limping, so it is best to nip it in the bud as soon as you see an issue. Many products made for scaly leg can be quite toxic, but this Scaly Leg Protector Product is made with natural enzymes and is safe to use on all types of poultry. It is a smart product to have on hand in your Chicken First Aid Kit. 

Corid Powder

Corid Powder is used for preventing and treating coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is quite common, especially in chicks (very common in broiler chicks) and other young birds. It is caused by an internal parasite that reproduces in a bird's intestine and causes swelling and bleeding. It also prevents the young bird from properly absorbing water and nutrients. Chicks that don't thrive are usually infected. Keeping your chicks in clean conditions can help prevent coccidiosis, but sometimes it just happens anyway. Having Corid on hand can make a huge difference in your chicks' health, as the earlier coccidiosis is caught and treated, the better off your chicks will be.

Vetericyn Wound and Infection Spray 

Vetericyn is a super important element in any Chicken First Aid Kit. It is an all-purpose antibacterial spray used on any wounds. It is effective at cleaning, debriding, and killing bacteria. It works on contact and can be reapplied as necessary. Vetericyn is safe and effective - it does not contain steroids or antibiotics and is free of alcohol and other things that some birds can be sensitive to. It is not for internal use, but it is mild enough that it can be used around birds' eyes, ears, and faces. Although it is mainly used to treat wounds, many people have had good results using Vetericyn to treat things such as bumblefoot.  

Be responsible and proactive and have everything you need to address any flock issues on hand and at the ready!

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Chicken First Aid Kit

Chicken First Aid Kit

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