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The Chicken Fountain

For optimal health and well-being, chickens need constant access to clean, fresh, cool water. However, chickens are very adept at getting all sorts of bedding, dirt, and fecal matter into their waterers. One of the dirtiest parts of caring for a flock of chickens is mucking out and cleaning and scrubbing their waterers. In the summer, this may need to happen a couple times a day.

This Chicken Fountain is designed by a chicken farmer specifically to address this issue. It is a passive flow system with drippers that the chickens drink from. It is made of high-quality, heavy-duty PVC pipe, and can be easily hung on a fence in your chicken run. Then you attach a regular garden hose to it, and the garden hose fills the reservoir that holds one gallon of fresh water. Because it is passive flow, the water in the unit is not under any pressure; the water flows to the drippers when your chickens need it. As the chickens drink the water, the reservoir automatically refills with fresh water, so water doesn't sit very long in the reservoir.

This dripper system is sealed off from the chickens, so the water stays clean. Thus, the Chicken Fountain provides your flock with a constant source of clean, fresh water! Also, it is easy to add supplements, apple cider vinegar, dewormers, or medications to the water your flock drinks simply by adding it to the reservoir by opening the top.

Chickens adapt very quickly to drinking from the drippers. Chickens of all ages from chicks to full grown adults learn very quickly to drink from these drippers. Instructions are included with the system on how to train your chickens to drink from the drippers, and most birds figure it out within 15 minutes.

The Chicken Fountain is also very water-efficient - no water is wasted as would happen when you empty, clean, and refill bucket-styled waterers.

We offer a variety of sizes of Chicken Fountain systems to meet your flock's requirements:

  • The Mini Fountain measures 24.5" L x 13" H x 4" W, has 2 drippers and can accommodate a flock of 2-6 birds. 
  • The Mini Fountain Plus measures 24.5" L x 13" H x 4" W, has 3 drippers and is great for up to 10 birds!
  • The Standard Fountain System is recommended for flocks of 4 to 16 birds and measures 43.5" L x 13" H x 4" W. The Standard System has 4 drippers.
  • The Standard Fountain Plus measures 43.5" L x 13" H x 4" W and accommodates a larger backyard flock of up to 24 birds with 6 drippers. 
  • The Mega Fountain measures 61" L x 13" H x 4", has 10 drippers and will keep up to 45 birds hydrated. 

Add ons:
Gravity Flow Adapter is designed for people who use a low-pressure water source, like a rain barrel, for watering their chickens. It simply hooks onto a rain barrel with a 3/4-inch garden hose connection. The Gravity Flow Adapter then simply slips over the top of any of the Chicken Fountains listed above and is installed with a couple quick steps. The Gravity Flow Adapter has an internal float value that portions out the water flowing into the reservoir. One thing to note concerning set up: because this is a "gravity" fed system, the rain barrel or water source must be higher than the Chicken Fountain for the water to flow down into the system.

Remote Additive System: One of the most convenient and useful aspects of the Chicken Fountain is the ability to add supplements, etc. directly to the reservoir. However, often the Chicken Fountain ends up having to be set up in a spot in the chicken coop or yard where it is hard to access the reservoir cap. That is why there is a Remote Additive System that can be attached to your Chicken Fountain system. The Remote Additive System allows a person to inject additives into the Chicken Fountain without removing the reservoir access cap and from up to 7 feet away. It works with all size systems, and no tools are necessary for installation.

Chicken Fountains are constructed in the USA on a chicken farm and are fully tested prior to shipping! System will need a small bit of assembly: connecting the side tube(s) to the main section with PVC cement. 

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Chicken Fountain

Chicken Fountain

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