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Chicken Health Handbook 2nd Edition

Tyler Danke, the owner of Purely Poultry, highly reccomends that every flock owner has a copy of this poultry health book on their bookshelf! It can help to prevent disease, manage it when and if poultry diseases do happen. Its also always nice to be able to help other poultry friends that are having trouble with diseases as well.

Any small flock keeper should own this book. While we all hope that our poultry remain healthy and productive, it is good to have information on hand that will help us keep our flocks thriving and also give guidance as to what to do should there be a problem.

Many books list the most commonly encountered poultry health problems, but few give the kind of carefully organized, well-researched, and detailed information provided in The Chicken Health Handbook. From external parasites to diseases that can be contracted in humans from chickens, this book clearly details what to look for and what to expect.

Chapter 15, which is not listed in the table of contents, is an alphabetical list of diseases and disorders that is organized for quick reference. Following that immensely helpful chapter is a thorough glossary, a resources section that includes a listing of poultry pathology laboratories by state, as well as a list of books the author recommends for further reading.

Chicken diseases, disorders, symptoms, anatomy, diagnosis, are all complicated, daunting topics, but Damerow breaks everything down so clearly and concisely that even the most amateur chicken flock keeper can understand. This book is not a text for veterinary students, but it does provide far more detailed information than an average book about chicken health.

If you have any questions about the health of your chickens, or any questions about managing your flock so that it remains healthy, this is a book you should own. In fact, anyone who keeps chickens can benefit from this book. It's one of those things you want to have on hand before you really need it.

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Chicken Health Handbook

Chicken Health Handbook

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