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Chicken Saddles come in 3 sizes. Measure your chicken with a tape measure. Measure along the back, from the base of the back of the neck to where the tail starts to tip up. Size 'small' would fits birds that are 4-5 inches long; 'medium' fits 6-7 inches long; and 'large' fits 8-9 inches long.

Chicken Saddles are a fabulous way to protect your hens from being injured or de-feathered when mounted by roosters. Roosters can end up plucking out the back feathers of hens, or sometimes they can really hurt hens with their claws and spurs. These saddles can help prevent both feather plucking and injury. Often it is recommended that you clip or remove the rooster's spurs, but that doesn't necessarily fix the problem. And you leave your rooster defenseless against the predators from which he's supposed to be protecting the hens. Chicken Saddles are a better and easier alternative.

If you have hens that are already bare on their backs, these saddles can be used to help prevent further plucking while allowing new feathers to regrow. The saddle can also prevent sunburn of the bare skin. These saddles are designed with a very strong, but soft, lining for your hens' comfort. 

Chicken Saddles are very handy things to have on hand. Even if you don't have rooster issues, hens may peck at one another during molting. Usually, you would have to remove birds from the flock in this situation, but using Chicken Saddles would help alleviate that issue as well. 

These Chicken Saddles are made with high quality, durable material. They come in a variety of pretty patterns on top (you can choose from our drop down menu). Underneath, they are lined with heavy duty duck cloth for the ultimate protection. The duck cloth is soft on the surface to prevent irritation against bare or injured skin. The saddles are light weight (despite their toughness), so they are appropriate for warm weather. They are held in place with elastic that is easily slipped over the wings. They are designed with your hens' comfort in mind and do not inhibit hens' movement or lifestyle in any way. 

A Chicken Saddle would be a responsible addition to your poultry emergency kit. 

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Chicken Saddles

Chicken Saddles

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