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Chicken Whisperers Guide to Keeping Chickens

Chicken Whisperers Guide to Keeping Chickens Details

The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens

Owning chickens in the backyard is becoming popular and the growing interests of living a green, self sufficient, eco-friendly life, is flourishing as well. More individuals are seeking a way to connect with their community and mother nature, and at the same time providing themselves with nutritious food from their very own backyard. Andy Schneider, also known as the Chicken Whisperer, and Dr. Brigid McCrea, Ph.D., show the world what it is like to own chickens in the backyard.

By having chicken in the backyard, not only does one get fresh eggs in the morning full of vitamins and minerals, but one gets to compost and have their very own insect repellents. Chickens make wonderful pets and make a valuable education source for children.

Schneider and McCrea discuss many important issues in chicken keeping such as selecting the right breed, the many myths of chicken housed in one's backyard and the various outlaws, how to prepare your backyard for chicken, infomation on artificial incubation and comparing it to natural incubation, how to take care of your chicks, types of housing methods and maintaining your coop, how to identify predators and protect your flock, nutrition, health, and much more!

With countless tips and answers to the most common frequently asked questions, this is a book for those that live in the urban setting that would like to have their own mini homestead in their very own backyard. Full color photos, 176 Pages, Paperback

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Chicken Whisperers Guide to Keeping Chickens

Chicken Whisperers Guide to Keeping Chickens

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