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Chukar Redleg Partridge Chicks




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Chukar Redleg Partridge Chicks Details

Baby Chukar Redleg Partridge Chicks for sale

Hatching April to August.

They are a hybrid between the Chukar Partridge and the Redleg Partridge for hybrid vigor. The Chukar Redleg is a small flighty bird. Known for their flying ability and their zebra-like stripes.

Chukar Partridge's habitat consists of small grain or brushy terrain. To hold the chukar redleg birds in the terrain a small stream or water source is necessary.

Hunting Chukars: The Chukar Partridge is a small flighty bird that holds well in cover and gets up and goes when flushed. Chukar Redleg Partridge is a popular additive to hunts for those looking to add speed. Chukars run uphill and flush downhill often giving the hunters numerous chances.

Description: Our Chukar Redlegs are mostly gray all over with a black band from the eyes, down to below the neck with several black bars on the flanks. They have a bright red bill and legs. 

Size - Male 21 to 26 oz. Female 16 to 19 oz. Length - 13 to 15 in.

Eggs: 40-50 eggs from April into summer. Non-setters. Incubation Period: 23 days


Chukar hunting is a very popular sport.

Habitat: These birds thrive in dry arid conditions;

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Chukar Redleg Partridge Chicks

Chukar Redleg Partridge Chicks

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