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A Closer Look at Button Quail

A Closer Look at Button Quail Details

A Closer Look at Button Quail

The Button Quail, also known as the Chinese Blue Breasted Quail, is the most misunderstood quail and the smallest quail in the world. Jodi McDonald, with 30 years of experience and 10 years of research, shows how to raise these birds in this easy guide. This is the most comprehensive book there is on the Button Quail!

There are 12 chapters, each packed full of information for anyone wanting to learn about Button quail. The first chapter focuses on the natural history, habitat, and behavior. McDonald devotes the second chapter to housing. Due to their small size, button quail need adequate housing to fit their needs. Bedding is an important topic and is mentioned in this section. Chapter three is emphasized on nutrition. In this section, McDonald goes into details with vitamins and minerals, guaranteed feed analysis on labels, supplementation, feed concerns, an ideal feed mix, and the button quail's digestive system! Chapter four discusses the lighting requirements on the birds and the importance of lighting to meet the birds needs based on their eye structure and vision. Chapter five focuses on the basic anatomy and physiology of the Button Quail. This is an intense section and very informative! Breeding is mentioned in Chapter six. McDonald discusses how one chooses the right bird for breeding, basic genetics of reproduction, the breeding habits of button quail, natural incubation, artificial incubation, the many types of incubators on the market, receiving eggs to incubate, dealing with power failures, and much more! Chapter seven is about the caring for breeding pairs and how to maintain their diet and housing. Chapter eight focuses on the egg. The egg is very amazing and McDonald convinces the reader how magnificent it is. Chapter nine discusses Button Quail chick care after hatch. The chicks are the size of a nickel if not smaller and McDonald helps the reader gain an understanding of proper care for the little hatchlings. Like any quail, button quail can get ailments too and health is discussed in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 focuses on marketing and the many uses for the Button Quail eggs. Lastly, the many varieties of Button Quail are shown in Chapter 12.

The purpose of this book is to guide you through Button Quail raising, care, and help you understand the truth about this misunderstood little quail. This book is perfect for the hobbyist or breeder that is wanting to start with Button Quail or learn some new facts! A must for the library of anyone raising Button Quail!

276 Pages, Black and White Illustrations, 4 pages of color plates Published 2010.

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A Closer Look at Button Quail

A Closer Look at Button Quail

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